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RPC Broker Example (32-Bit)

The RPC Broker Example sample application provided with the BDK (i.e., BrokerExample.EXE, located in the ..\BDK32\Samples\BrokerEx directory) demonstrates the basic features of developing RPCBroker applications, including:

  • Connecting to an M server
  • Creating an application Context
  • Using the GetServerInfo function
  • Displaying the VistA splash screen
  • Setting the TRPCBroker.Param property for each Param PType (literal, reference, list)
  • Calling RPCs with the Call method
  • Calling RPCs with the lstCall and strCall methods

The client source code files for the BrokerExample application are located in the ..\BDK32\Samples\BrokerEx directory.

Initially, use Delphi to compile the BrokerExample.DPR into an executable.