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Editor's note: The RPC broker development kit (BDK) comes with a Broker.hlp file that contains valuable information. However it seems to be WinXP technology, and doesn't work with newer versions of Windows Help. I found a program named Help Explorer Viewer that helped me get to the content. I found this help file to be very helpful and worth the study. -- Kevin Toppenberg, MD (July 2015)

Correction: I have found that an updated version of the help files can be downloaded here. Broker_1_1.chm DOES appear to work in Window 7.

The BDK files can be downloaded from here: Look for one of the .ZIP files.

RPC Broker V 1.1 Developer's Guide


RPC Broker Components, Class, and Units

Remote Procedure Calls

Other RPC Broker APIs

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Broker Programmer Preferences Editor

DLL Interface