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Server Property


Applies to

   TRPCBroker component


   property Server: String;


The Server design-time property contains the name or Internet Protocol (IP) address of the VistA M Server system. If the name is used instead of the IP address, Microsoft Windows Winsock should be able to resolve it. Winsock can resolve a name to an IP address either through the Domain Name Service (DNS) or by looking it up in the HOSTS file on the client workstation. In the case where the same name exists in the DNS and in the Host File file, the HOSTS file entry takes precedence. Changing the name of the VistA M Server while the TRPCBroker component is connected disconnects the TRPCBroker component from the previous server.

You can use the Broker Programmer Preferences Editor (BrokerProgPref.EXE located under the ..\BDK32 directory) to set the default value for this property when you add a TRPCBroker component to your form.

For a demonstration, please run the BrokerProgPref.EXE located in the ..\BDK32 directory.