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DebugMode Property

Applies to

   TRPCBroker component


   property DebugMode: Boolean;


The DebugMode design-time property controls how the VistA M Server process should be started. The default setting is False.

A setting of False starts the VistA M Server in the usual manner, as a background process.

For debugging purposes, it can be very helpful to set break points, run the server process interactively, and step through the execution. For those situations, set this property to True. When the TRPCBroker component connects with this property set to True, you get a dialog window indicating your workstation Internet Protocol (IP) address and the port number.

At this point you should switch over to the server, enter any break points that you wish, issue the debug command (e.g., ZDEBUG in DSM), and start the following server process:


You will be prompted for the workstation Internet Protocol (IP) address and the port number. After entering the information, switch over to the client application and click on the OK button of the dialog window.

For more information, see How To Debug Your Application.