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Created Wednesday 22 October 2008

8. Now download and install the latest version of GT.M if you have not done it already. These instructions will be for GTM version 5.3002. Make a directory ~/gtmtemp, put the file there and unpack it. Then sudo run the configure script to install it. Tell the script to put mumps in /opt/gtm_V5.3002 and then tell it to erase temporary files; gtmtemp will be left empty and you can remove it. Create a symbolic link in /opt, call it gtm, and point it to the mumps directory. Then any references to/opt/gtm will be sent to /opt/gtm_V5.3002. Your environment (env2) file will work, and when you upgrade gtm all you have to do is change the link to point to the new directory. Either click the link below, or go to, search for GT.M (note the dot in there) and find the latest file and download it, or use the wget command below pasted into your terminal:

cd <== this puts you into /home/vista

mkdir gtmtemp

cp gtm_V53002_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz ./gtmtemp

cd gtmtemp

tar -xzvf gtm_V53002_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz

sudo ./configure <== this runs the script to install gtm; use vista's password (=yours?)

The defaults when you run the ./configure script are:

  • What account should own the files (bin) <==enter (default)
  • In what directory should gtm be installed? <== /opt/gtm_V53002
  • Do you want uppercase and lowercase versions of the MUMPS routines? <== n
  • Temporary files removed ( y n) <== y


rmdir gtmtemp

cd /opt

sudo ln -s ./gtm_V53002 gtm

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