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What is VistA Really? This article will help you to understand what VistA is. Not just what you can read in any high level press article, but the information that you need to understand its culture and its values.

How does VistA work? This is the technology that you need to understand about VistA even if you really do not want to understand technology

Where do I Start? VistA is very well documented. Almost too well. This page help you find the information that you need, depending on what you are looking for.

Which VistA? There are several products based on VA VistA, here is a list and some basic information.

Reference Material? Does this simplistic menu annoy you? If so click here to be overwhelmed by an over-complex menu.

Complaints and Comments? Do you have a useful critism of this website, WorldVistA generally or something that WorldVistA is doing? This is a place to vent, and to discover that we often understand our flaws and we are working on them.