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$TXT Created by YORTY,M. ROBERT at DEVVJJ.FO-ALBANY.MED.VA.GOV (KIDS) on Wednesday, 06/03/09 at 09:50

Run Date: AUG 18, 2009                     Designation: EC*2*76
Package : EC - EVENT CAPTURE                  Priority: Mandatory
Version : 2        SEQ #94                      Status: Released
                  Compliance Date: SEP 18, 2009f

Associated patches: (v)EC*2*72 <<= must be installed BEFORE `EC*2*76'

                   (v)SD*5.3*441  <<= must be installed BEFORE `EC*2*76'
                   (v)EC*2*95     <<= must be installed BEFORE `EC*2*76'
 - Routine
 - Data Dictionary
The Enrollment VistA Changes (EVC) project has being undertaken to support
technology and business changes that are occurring with the implementation
of the Enrollment System Redesign (ESR) project.  Some modified and new 
business functionality is being included in the new system and
corresponding changes are necessary in VistA for preliminary determination
of veterans Enrollment and Eligibility status. The overall objective is to
achieve a National release of software from both projects simultaneously.
This patch distributes the changes to the Event Capture System (ECS) in 
support of the this initiative.
I. Overview
 A. This patch updates EVENT CAPTURE v2.0 to handle the new classification, 
    Project 112/SHAD.  
    1. The following patch must be installed in order for the Project 
       112/SHAD classification to function correctly: SD*5.3*441. 
       A 'Yes' or 'No' response will be indicated when a 
       procedure event is related to a Project 112/SHAD.  The option that 
       will be affected by this installation is EVENT CAPTURE DATA ENTRY.
 B. Additionally, as part of this project the description for the 
    classification "Environmental Contaminants" will be changed to 
    "SW Asia Conditions".
II. Functional
  If a veteran has reported having been exposed to Shipboard Hazard and 
  Defense (Project 112/SHAD), then the Event Capture software will ask the 
  user to indicate if the procedure is related to Project 112/SHAD.  The 
  system will prompt the user with 'Was Treatment related to Project 
  112/SHAD?'.  The user can then choose to respond with Y-Yes or N-No.
  This change affects three ECS GUI data entry options.
    ECS GUI options
      Data Entry by Patient
      Data Entry by Procedure
      Data Entry by Multiple Patients/Procedures
III. Technical
  o A new field, PROJECT 112/SHAD (#41) was added to the 
    EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT file (#721) to capture 
    the classification for Project 112/SHAD.
    The data is stored at "P;12" - the 11th piece of the P node.
  o The 21st piece of the PCE DATA FEED field (#30) now contains the
    Project 112/SHAD.  The Technical description of this field was
    updated to list each piece of data that comprise the PCE data feed.
  o Seventeen (17) routines and two (2) input templates were modified. The
    templates EC CREATE PATIENT ENTRY and EC FILE PCE NODE are used
    within ListMan for filing the 'P' and 'PCE' nodes in the  
    EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT file (#721).
  o Delphi routines 'UfrmEditPatientProc', 'UfrmEditProcPatients' and
    'UfrmMultiple' were modified to add the new classification in ECS GUI.
   o Menu option EC GUI Context version was changed to update
     the version to
This patch addresses the following New Service Request (NSR):
There are no NSR's related to this project.
This patch addresses the following NOIS/REMEDY message(s):
There are no NOIS/REMEDY messages associated with this patch.
The Event Capture GUI client software is being distributed as a self-
extracting Install Shield executable.  The installed executable for this
patch is client version with a size of 2,380 KB.
The VistA server software, GUI client, and documentation for this patch
may be retrieved directly using FTP from the ANONYMOUS.SOFTWARE  directory
at the following Office of Information (OI) Field Offices:
  OIFO               FTP ADDRESS                  DIRECTORY
  ------------       ------------------------     ------------------
  First available
  Salt Lake City
 The following files will be available:
    File Name           Format        Description
    ---------           ------        -----------
    EC2_0P76.exe        BINARY        EC GUI client installer
The updated User Manual can be obtained via FTP from the following
        OI Field Office                 FTP Address
       ---------------                  ------------------------
        Salt Lake City        
         File Name           Description
         ----------------    ----------------------------------------
         EC_20_P76_UM.DOC    Updated Event Capture User Manual
  The VistA Documentation Library [VDL] web site will contain the
  updated 'Event Capture User Manual'. This web site is usually updated
  within 1-3 days of the patch release date.
  The VDL address is
Components Sent with Patch
The following is a list of fields included in this patch:
                                      UP      SEND   DATA
                                      DATE    SEC.   COMES   SITE   RSLV
  FILE #   NAME                       DD      CODE   W/FILE  DATA   PTS
  721      EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT      YES     YES    NO      OVER   NO
The following is a list of fields included in this patch:
  Field Name (Number)                       File Name (Number)
  ----- -------------                       ------------------
  PROJECT 112/SHAD          #41             EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT #721
  PCE DATA FEED             #30
The following is a list of templates included in this patch:
  Template Name                 Type            New/Modified
  -------------                 ----            ------------
  EC FILE PCE NODE              INPUT           MODIFIED
The following is a list of options included in this patch:
   Option Name                 Type                     New/Modified
   -----------                 ----                     ------------
   EC GUI CONTEXT              Broker (Client/Server)   MODIFIED
Test Sites
Central Plains HCS
********************* INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS **************************
Pre-Installation Items:
* Users On the System:
    This patch modifies routines used by the Event Capture application and
    may affect many users.
    This patch may be installed with users on the system, but should be
    loaded during non-peak hours to minimize disruption to users and to
    reduce the possibility of errors when the routines are updated.
    If installed during the normal workday, it is recommended that the
    following selection(s) in the OPTION (#19) file, and all of their
    descendants be disabled to prevent possible conflicts while running
    the KIDS Install. Other VISTA users will not be affected.
          EC GUI Context version   ... EC GUI CONTEXT
* Software Installation Time:
    The estimated installation time is less than 5 minutes during off peak
* Required Builds:
    The following is a list of REQUIRED builds for this KIDS
    distribution.  KIDS will not allow the installation of this patch
    without their prior installation.
    Required Build(s):
Installation Steps:
    1. Use the INSTALL/CHECK MESSAGE option on the PackMan menu.
    2. From the Kernel Installation & Distribution System menu, select
       the Installation menu.
    3. From this menu, you may select to use the following options
       (when prompted for INSTALL NAME, enter EC*2.0*76)
      a. Backup a Transport Global - this option will create a backup
         message of any routines exported with the patch. It will NOT
         backup any other changes such as DDs or templates.
      b. Compare Transport Global to Current System - this option will
         allow you to view all changes that will be made when the patch
         is installed. It compares all components of the patch (routines,
         DDs, templates, etc.).
      c. Verify Checksums in Transport Global - this option will ensure
         the integrity of the routines that are in the transport global.
      d. Print Transport Global - this option will allow you to view the
         components of the KIDS build.
    4. Use the Install Package(s) option and select the package EC*2.0*76.
    5. When prompted "Want KIDS to INHIBIT LOGONs during the install?
       YES//" respond NO.
    6. When prompted 'Want to DISABLE Scheduled Options, Menu
        Options, and Protocols? YES//' answer YES (unless otherwise
        When prompted 'Enter options you wish to mark as 'Out Of
        Order':'  Enter the following options:
           EC GUI Context version   ... EC GUI CONTEXT
       When prompted 'Enter protocols you wish to mark as 'Out Of
        Order':' press <return>.
    7. Install the Event Capture GUI client software following the
       instructions on pages 12-16 of the EC GUI Installation Guide
       found on the VistA Documentation Library (VDL) at the following
    8. The Event Capture GUI executable file "ECS GUI.exe", that
       is unbundled after running the install in step #7, may be
       copied to another machine without additional supporting files.
Routine Information:
The second line of each of these routines now looks like:
 ;;2.0; EVENT CAPTURE ;**[Patch List]**;8 May 96;Build 6
The checksums below are new checksums, and
 can be checked with CHECK1^XTSUMBLD.
Routine Name: ECBEN
   Before: B13713868   After: B13752313  **4,5,10,17,42,54,76**
Routine Name: ECBEN1B
   Before: B23165731   After: B23478465  **4,5,10,13,17,23,41,42,50,54,72,76**
Routine Name: ECBEN2U
   Before: B34259052   After: B35228325  **4,5,7,10,17,18,23,42,47,54,
Routine Name: ECBENF
   Before: B10029012   After: B10312825  **4,5,13,17,18,23,42,54,72,76**
Routine Name: ECBEP
   Before: B13997295   After: B14053056  **4,5,10,17,42,54,76**
Routine Name: ECBEP1B
   Before: B43458281   After: B43605970  **1,4,5,10,13,17,18,42,47,54,72,76**
Routine Name: ECBEP2A
   Before: B30996875   After: B31376195  **4,5,10,13,17,18,23,33,41,42,
Routine Name: ECBEPF
   Before:  B8758024   After:  B9044874  **4,5,13,17,18,23,42,54,72,76**
Routine Name: ECEFPAT
   Before: B57770429   After: B57831365  **25,32,39,42,47,49,54,65,72,95,76**
Routine Name: ECKILL
   Before: B12208137   After: B12278874  **4,5,10,17,18,23,42,54,65,76**
Routine Name: ECMLMF
   Before: B31356519   After: B32626051  **5,10,15,13,17,18,23,42,54,72,76**
Routine Name: ECMLMN
   Before: B56414304   After: B56476624  **5,10,15,13,17,18,23,42,47,54,76**
Routine Name: ECMUTL1
   Before: B55736638   After: B56415782  **5,10,15,13,17,23,41,42,50,54,76**
Routine Name: ECPCEU
   Before: B29653566   After: B30381231  **4,5,7,10,17,18,23,42,54,73,
Routine Name: ECUERPC1
   Before: B52615700   After: B53314567  **25,33,42,46,47,54,72,76**
Routine Name: ECUTL1
   Before: B26308660   After: B28929596  **10,13,17,42,54,76**
Routine Name: ECUURPC
   Before:  B5658708   After:  B5658914  **25,42,49,94,95,76**
User Information:
Entered By  : MORRISON,JENNIFER             Date Entered  : JUN 01, 2005
Completed By: KOGAN,ILIA                    Date Completed: AUG 17, 2009
Released By : HATTER,JACKIE L               Date Released : AUG 18, 2009

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