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The Inpatient Medications package integrates functions from the Intravenous (IV) and Unit Dose (UD) modules (described on the following page). This integration provides a comprehensive record of medications utilized during hospitalization of the veteran, the functionality for clinician order entry through Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), and tailors processes by facility, user, and/or medication.


Integrated software allows these features, via the List Manager interface, for both IV and Unit Dose. This provides the user the capability to:

  • Browse through a list of orders and take action(s) against those items.
  • Print 7-day, 14-day, and 24-hour MARs, labels, and profiles from within the options.
  • Select a detailed allergy report, document new allergies or adverse drug reactions.
  • Update the Patient’s Record from within List Manager.
  • Provides Drug/Drug Interaction, Drug/Class Interaction, Duplicate Drug, and Duplicate Class Order checks.
  • Allows easier drug selection using Orderable Item.
  • Provides on-line order maintenance (for example: edit, renewal, cancellation) and marks orders that need attention.
  • Provides on-line order entry with an integrity check for each order type.
  • Generates labels containing order and patient information upon the entry/maintenance of an order.
  • Provides on-line or printed patient profiles that include a history of medication orders for the current or last medical center visit.
  • Displays patient order information and histories of all actions taken on active orders.
  • Provides an Action Profile of patient medication orders for use by physicians to cancel or continue medications.
  • Provides a Stop Order Notice report to notify users of orders near expiration.
  • Cancels/holds medication orders for patients transferred between wards and/or services.
  • Provides dispensing cost reports by patient, ward, service, drug, and providers.
  • Provides reports and forms by patient, ward, and selected groups of wards.
  • Allows electronic entry and inpatient processing of medication orders for an outpatient receiving treatment via a clinic or ancillary service.

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