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The Controlled Substances (CS) Nurses’ User Manual is designed to provide you with information on the CS software package. This product is one segment of the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VISTA) installed at VA medical centers. The Controlled Substances module provides functionality to monitor and track the receipt, inventory, and dispensing of all controlled substances.

This module provides the pharmacy with the capability to define a controlled substance location and a list of controlled substances to maintain a perpetual inventory.

This software provides nursing personnel with the ability to request orders for Controlled Substances via on-demand requests and to monitor and track the Green Sheets from the time of issuance from pharmacy to the time of return and review in pharmacy. Pharmacy may dispense controlled substances via the software automating all necessary documents (VA FORMS 10-2321 and 10-2638) to complete an order request. The software provides functionality to record Automated Management Information Systems (AMIS) and Cost data, address returns to stock, destructions, order cancellations, transfers between locations, and log outpatient prescriptions.