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The VistA Nutrition and Food Service Systems software integrates the automation of many Clinical Dietetics and Food Management functions. The Clinical Dietetics activities of nutrition screening, nutrition assessment, diet order entry, tubefeeding and supplemental feeding orders, patient food preferences, specific diet pattern calculations, nutrient analysis of meals, consult reporting, encounter tracking, and quality care monitoring are all available in this program. Complete automation of food production activities, service and distribution, inventory and cost management, recipe expansion, menu and recipe nutrient analysis, meal and diet pattern development and implementation, diet card and tray ticket printing, quality service tracking, and annual management reports are also available. Detailed functionality and process activity for Nutrition and Food Service software are divided into two major areas of use: (1) options that the Manager/ADPAC needs to build files, set parameters, review data, and generate reports; and (2) options the general user needs for normal day-to-day automated Nutrition functions.