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The Intake and Output (I&O) application is designed to store, in the patient's electronic medical record, all patient intake and output information associated with a hospital stay or outpatient visit. This application is not service specific and currently is interfaced with the PIMS, Nursing, and Pharmacy applications.


• Users may electronically document patient intake (e.g., oral fluids, tube feedings, intravenous fluids, irrigations, and other types of intake defined by the facility) and patient output (e.g., excreted patient material such as urine, nasogastric secretions, emesis, drainage, liquid feces/stool, and other types of output defined by the facility).

• Intake data can be entered through either a quick or detailed route. The quick route documents the total fluid consumed. Detailed information requests the user to enter specific type of fluid intake (e.g., orange juice, water, soup) along with the quantity absorbed.