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The following are sample EHR User agreement letters.

                                           Access Code: _____________
                                           Verify Code: _____________


                             VISTA/CPRS  ACCOUNT ACCESS POLICY
                                            FLYDOC INC

Name: ___________________

As an authorized user of FLYDOC automated information systems (AISs) and having access to data stored in them, I will be given sufficient access to Perform my assigned duties.  I will use this access ONLY for its intended purpose and understand the following policies that apply to FLYDOC data and computer systems.
I agree to safeguard all passwords (e.g., Access/Verify codes, electronic signature codes) assigned to me and am strictly prohibited from disclosing these codes to anyone including family, friends, fellow workers, supervisor(s), and subordinates for ANY reason.
I understand that I may be held accountable for all entries/changes made to
any government AIS using my passwords.
I am aware of the regulations and facility AIS security policies designed to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive information.  I am aware that information about patients or employees is confidential and protected from unauthorized disclosure by law.  I understand that my obligation to protect FLYDOC information does not end with either the termination of   my access to this facility's systems.
I will exercise common sense and good judgment in the use of electronic mail.  I understand that electronic mail is not inherently confidential and I have no expectation of privacy in using it.  I understand that technical or administrative problems may create situations which require viewing of my messages.  I also understand that facility management officials may authorize access to my electronic mail messages whenever there is a legitimate purpose for such access.
I understand that a violation of this notice constitutes disregard of a local and/or FLYDOC policy and will result in appropriate disciplinary Action as defined in FLYDOC employee conduct Regulations  as well as suspension/termination of access privileges.
I affirm with my signature that I have read, understand, and agree to fulfill the provisions of this User Access notice.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR LOGIN: 1) Use CAPS lock 2) Enter your Access code 3) Enter your verify code 4) It will Prompt you to change Verify code 5) Verify Code should have Alphabets, punctuations and number ( Total of minimum 8 digits). System will not allow you to use any part of your name as Verify code. After couple of months the system will ask you to change again verify code. While change verify code use CAPS lock. 6) After setting verify code. You can log on to CPRS/Vista using lower case or upper case. 7) For any difficulties contact XXXX via e-mail (email.address)

    Signature: ________________________
    Name:      ________________________