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Drug File

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WorldVista.org provides an overview of complexities in the Configuration and maintenance of the drug File. VistA software ensures clear communication from the prescribing provider's intentions all the way to the package and label that the patient receives. Adequate training is essential to safety. The Readme is available here as a pdf File:
Unfortunately, the Readme's link to the VA's VistA Documentation Library is broken. Here is a link to Pharmacy Data Management documentation on the VDL. You will need to download the User Manual and the Technical Manual/Security Guide, available in .doc and .pdf format.

The DRUG File (#50) holds the information related to each drug that can be used to fill a prescription or medication order. It is pointed to from several other Files and should be handled carefully, usually only by special individuals in the Pharmacy Service. Entries are not typically deleted, but rather made inactive by entering an inactive date.

Source: Pharmacy Data Management V. 1.0 Technical Manual/Security Guide

This is a Glossary term from the VistA Documentation Library