VistA Community Challenges

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VistA Version Control

First you should understand why VistA Version Control is Hard which is also the answer to the question Why VistA development does not use sourceforge

Private sector billing

Private sector oriented GUI scheduling in VA VistA


Easier lab connectivity

Out-of-box HIE compatibility

Extensive template library

Patient web portal

Certification or re-certification

More than one typeface, bold, italic available for clinic notes

Improved developer tools

work flow description analysis and redesign for VistA readiness

There are tools for this sort ofpreparatory work that could be adapted to the specifics of a VistA implementation and used to increase the chances for success.

Resurrect MailMan

Resurrect MailMan as a viable tool for KIDS distribution and all the other things it could do within and between VistA sites.

Invent a mechanism for INSTITUTION File standardization outside the VA

ODBC connectivity for VistA in GTM