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<noinclude>  [[MUMPS/MUMPS Language Elements|{{ArrowUp}}MUMPS Language Elements{{ArrowUp}}]] | {{Mcmd|B|{{ArrowRight}}}}[[Category:MUMPS Command]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>  [[MUMPS/MUMPS Language Elements|{{ArrowUp}}{{ArrowUp}}MUMPS Language Elements{{ArrowUp}}{{ArrowUp}}]] | {{Mcmd|B|{{ArrowUp}}}}[[Category:MUMPS Command]]</noinclude>
  {{MUMPS/LetterisCmd|A|ASSIGN}} {{MUMPS/NotImpl}}
  {{MUMPS/LetterisCmd|A|ASSIGN}} {{MUMPS/NotImpl}}

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  ↑  ↑ MUMPS Language Elements ↑  ↑  |  ↑ Command B ↑ 
 Currently, the letter A is the abbreviation for the Command ASSIGN.  This command is not implemented by all vendors.