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Order Example

The following program code demonstrates how to get the next and previous elements in a TMult list:

   procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
     Mult: TMult;
     Subscript: string;
     {Create Mult. Make Form1 its owner}
     Mult := TMult.Create(Form1);
     Mult['First'] := 'One';
     {Store element pairs one by one}
     Mult['Second'] := 'Two';
     Mult['Third'] := 'Three';
     Mult['Fourth'] := 'Four';
     {Subscript will be Fourth}
     Subscript := Mult.Order('Third',1);
     {Subscript will be Second}
     Subscript := Mult.Order('Third',-1);
     {Subscript will be . THIRD subscript does not exist}
     Subscript := Mult.Order('THIRD',1);
     {Subscript will be First}
     Subscript := Mult.Order(,1);
     {Subscript will be Fourth}
     Subscript := Mult.Order(,-1);