MUMPS Error List

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MUMPS Error List

This is the list of errors from the MUMPS Standard.

Any implementation of STANDARD MUMPS should have the M-Error as part of the value of the special intrinsic variable $ECODE .

M-Error Official Explanation English Explanation
M1 naked indicator undefined
M2 invalid combination with P fncodeatom $FNUMBER format combination problem
M3 $RANDOM seed less than 1
M4 no true condition in $SELECT
M5 lineref less than zero offset for [[Template:MUMPS Template:]] MUMPS $TEXT is bad
M6 undefined lvn some local variable is undefined
M7 undefined gvn some global variable is undefined
M8 undefined svn bad name for special intrinsic variable
M9 divide by zero possibly bad math.
Some code: Assertion failed
M10 invalid pattern match range
M11 no parameters passed
M12 invalid lineref (negative offset)
M13 invalid lineref (line not found)
M14 line level not 1
M15 undefined index variable
M16 argumented QUIT not allowed
M17 argumented QUIT required
M18 fixed length READ not greater than zero
M19 cannot copy a tree or subtree into itself
M20 line must have formallist
M21 algorithm specification invalid
M22 SET or KILL to ^$GLOBAL when data in global
M23 SET or KILL to ^$JOB for non-existent job number
M24 change to collation algorithm while subscripted local variables defined
M26 non-existent environment
M27 attempt to rollback a transaction that is not restartable
M28 mathematical function, parameter out of range
M29 SET or KILL on ssvn not allowed by implementation
M30 reference to glvn with different collating sequence within a collating algorithm
M31 controlmnemonic used for device without a mnemonicspace selected
M32 controlmnemonic used in user-defined mnemonicspace which has no associated line
M33 SET or KILL to ^$ROUTINE when routine exists
M35 device does not support mnemonicspace
M36 incompatible mnemonicspaces
M37 READ from device identified by the empty string
M38 invalid ssvn subscript
M39 invalid $NAME argument
M40 call-by-reference in JOB actual
M41 invalid LOCK argument within a TRANSACTION
M42 invalid QUIT within a TRANSACTION
M43 invalid range value ($X,$Y)
M44 invalid COMMAND outside of a transaction
M45 invalid GOTO reference
M57 more than one defining occurence of LABEL in ROUTINE
M58 too few formal parameters