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Open source and the VA's health transformation

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Joseph Dal Molin on how the VistA system is changing health services.

by Andy Oram | @praxagora | +Andy Oram | June 29, 2010

You may also download this [File: recording]. Running time: 31:15

| Joseph Dal Molin , one of founders of the WorldVistA project and a speaker in the health care track at the upcoming OSCON convention, recently spoke with me about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ historic VistA system and its expansion as an open source effort.

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Specific topics covered in the 31-minute audio interview include:

  • How VistA evolved within a feedback loop.
  • How organizations outside the Department of Veterans Affairs use VistA.
  • How WorldVistA and other groups in the VistA community adapt the system to civilian needs and health care requirements.
  • A look at some of the tools for developing with VistA.

Dal Molin also provided links to projects and resources touched upon in the interview:

Joseph Dal Molin will be part of two health-related sessions at next month’s OSCON convention (running July 19-23 2010 in Portland, Ore.). Learn more about OSCON’s new health track.

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