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   ProxyVia on
   ProxyVia on
# run the command: sudo httpd restart
4. run the command: sudo httpd restart
VistA installation
VistA installation

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Steps to get VistA ePrescribing(eRX) working with NewCrop courtesy of Astronaut, LLC

Overview: Private sector outpatient eRX is a very useful addition to VistA. It requires proprietary parts as well as a Surescripts certification process to be able to eRx. Astronaut VistA achieved this certification in approximately 2 months working very part time to do so. The process is outlined below.

CentOs installation (this sets up the OS to listen to port 89 to communication with NewCrop)

  1. run the command: sudo yum install httpd
  2. run the command: sudo yum install mod_ssl
  3. edit the config file: sudo joe /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
   ## Add the following lines and save
  Listen 89
  SSLProxyEngine on
  ProxyRequests on

  <Proxy *>
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from localhost

  SSLProxyEngine on
  SSLProxyVerify none

  ProxyVia on

4. run the command: sudo httpd restart

VistA installation

VistA installation consists of both proprietary and non-proprietary parts. The first non-proprietary parts are here: https://trac.opensourcevista.net/browser/ePrescribing/tags/1.0. The other proprietary parts consist of a few KIDS builds that must be obtained from NewCrop and other sources. It will not work without the proprietary parts. The proprietary parts cannot be obtained from Astronaut.

  1. Install kids patches
  2. In Fileman, edit the account information in file #113059002 (C0P WS ACCT)
  3. In Fileman, edit the individual user’s information in the New Person file (C0P fields)
  4. In Fileman, edit the individual location’s information in the Hospital Location file (C0P fields)

Notes on errors: If an error message pops up, complaining about %zewdGTM httpPost+35, your system isn’t configured properly to allow the connection (see CentOs installation above) if an error handler pops up in the ePrescribe window, ensure that the user currently logged in has been properly set up in the NEW PERSON file (Step 3 in VistA installation)

NewCrop/Surescripts Certification Process

  1. It is probably best to get familiar with it using the stand-alone web only product first.
  2. Once you've signed the contract with NewCrop you can get and install the proprietary parts.
  3. You must setup your system to go to the demo system first. They have a document on what will be exercised.
  4. When you think you are ready you demo to the Newcrop Technical person. Once passed, you receive further instructions on setting up a fictitious patient and physician for test certification. Once that is done you demo with the NewCrop support person. If passed they then setup for certification with Surescripts. Once passed they will setup your production account and you point your system at it.
  5. Controlled substances is a separate certification obtained after regular medication certification in step 4.