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Date/Time Data Type
The name of this data type explains the content. All time related date entries must have a date including a time.
Enter “T-1@3PM” for yesterday at 3 in the afternoon.
“T” is a special character that stands for today's date.
Enter “NOW” for today's date and current time.
You may enter date information in any of the following ways:
JAN 22 1957 or 22 JAN 57 or 1/22/57 or 012257
T (for TODAY), T+l (for TOMORROW), T+2, T+7, etc.
T-l (for YESTERDAY), T-3W (for 3 WEEKS AGO), etc.
N = Now (to enter the current date and time)
If the year is omitted, the computer uses the CURRENT YEAR. Sometimes the system allows you to omit the precise day, as: JAN, 1957

Source: Adverse Reaction Tracking User Manual Version 4.0

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