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Common Keys and their Descriptions


NAME: DDXP-DEFINE DESCRIPTION: Holders of this key can use the Define Foreign File Format option. That option defines foreign formats, modifies existing formats that have not been used to create an export template, and clones formats.

NAME: DG CONSISTENCY DESCRIPTION:This key is used to lock the adt consistency options.

NAME: DG DETAIL DESCRIPTION: This key is held by those users who are authorized to enter a date of death by means other than discharging an inpatient to death or death with autopsy, i.e., a death which occurs outside the facility. The members of this group will also receive mailman notification whenever a patient expires and who made the death entry. For those users for whom you wish only a bulletin generated but do not wish to allow entry of deaths assign this key but do not allow access to the 'Death Entry' option.

NAME: DG ELIGIBILITY DESCRIPTION: This key is given to those who have the ability to verify eligibility data It is looked at in the 1010-4 template, and if the interviewer holds this key, the eligibility verification fields will be asked.

NAME: DG RECORD ACCESS DESCRIPTION: This key allows the user to access and create his/her own PATIENT (#2) file entry.

NAME: DG SECURITY OFFICER DESCRIPTION: The holder of this key can assign sensitivity and purge sensitivity assigned to any patient.

NAME: DG SENSITIVITY DESCRIPTION: The holder of this key can access any patient's medical record regardless of the patient's sensitivity level.

NAME: DG SUPERVISOR DESCRIPTION: This key locks the 'Supervisor ADT Menu' and its associated options.

NAME: DGPRE EDIT DESCRIPTION: This key allows users access to the pre-registration load/edit and to use the calling list to perform patient pre-registration updates.

NAME: DGPRE SUPV DESCRIPTION: This key allows users access to the supervisor options of the DG Pre-Registration menu

NAME: DIEXTRACT DESCRIPTION:This key is needed to access the menu for extracting data to a VA FileMan file.

NAME: IBCNE IIV AUTO MATCH DESCRIPTION: This security key is for the Insurance Identification and Verification project (IIV). It is used to restrict access to the Auto Match add/edit options, functions, and applications. Auto Match is a utility thatlinks incorrect, user entered insurance company names with correct, activeinsurance company names. Only users holding this key may add, edit, or delete entries in the Auto Match file.

NAME: IBCNE IIV SUPERVISOR DESCRIPTION: This security key is for the Insurance Identification andVerification project (IIV). It is used to restrict access to certain IIV options and applications. Only users holding this key are allowed to access these IIV options and applications.

NAME: IBCNR E-PHARMACY SUPERVISOR DESCRIPTION: Assigned to e-Pharmacy Project edit and matching options.

NAME: IBDF IRM DESCRIPTION: Used to prevent access to Encounter Form Utility options that are for IRM staffs only.

NAME: LRANAT DESCRIPTION: For those allowed to use Anatomic Pathology.

NAME: LRAPMOD DESCRIPTION: This key enables the holder to use option Modify released pathology report [LRAPM] to modify released anatomic pathology reports.

NAME: LRAPSUPER DESCRIPTION: Allows user to enter/edit SNOMED files

NAME: LRAU DESCRIPTION: Allows users to log-in, enter data and print autopsy accessions.

NAME: LRBLSUPER DESCRIPTION: Key for blood bank supervisor level decisions.

NAME: LRDATA DESCRIPTION: This key is used to identify those persons allowed to edit/change results that were done by another outside laboratory. Manual editing of host laboratory results is not the first option. If the result was not generated by an associated division, this key is required to change the results.

NAME: LRLAB DESCRIPTION: Needed by anyone using the basic lab package. But should NOT be given to anyone outside of LAB!

NAME: LRLIASON DESCRIPTION: Laboratory liaison key

NAME: LRSUPER DESCRIPTION: Laboratory supervisors key

NAME: LRVERIFY DESCRIPTION: Required by anyone verifying lab results.

NAME: ORES DESCRIPTION: This key is given to users that are authorized to write orders in the chart.Users with this key can verify with their electronic signature patient orders. This key is typically given to licensed Physicians. Orders entered by users with this key can be released to the ancillary service for immediate action. DO NOT give users both the ORES key and the ORELSE key.


NAME: PSOA PURGE DESCRIPTION: This key is allocated to those individuals who are allowed access to the Pharmacy Archiving options.

NAME: PSOINTERFACE DESCRIPTION: This key is used by the Outpatient Pharmacy package.

NAME: PSORPH DESCRIPTION: This key is used by the Outpatient Patient package. The outpatient pharmacy package has an option to enter/edit pharmacists which gives this key to anyone designated as a pharmacist by this option.

NAME: ROR VA HEPC ADMIN DESCRIPTION: Hepatitis C registry administrator

NAME: ROR VA HIV ADMIN DESCRIPTION:Human Immunodeficiency Virus reigstry administator

NAME: ROR VA IRM DESCRIPTION: This security key should be assigned to the IRM personnel designated to support the Clinical Case Registry application (patch installation, troubleshooting, etc).

NAME: XDR DESCRIPTION: This key allows access to the Duplicate Resolution System.

NAME: XM SUPER SEARCH DESCRIPTION: This key lets the user use the option XM SUPER SEARCH, which performs a search for messages in the MESSAGE file based on multiple criteria. This key should be given, on a time-limited basis, to trusted individuals who have a valid need to research messages in the MESSAGE file. For example, in sexual or other harassment cases, in which the harassment is in the form of MailMan messages.

NAME: XMMGR DESCRIPTION: This key is required for options that can remove data from the MailMan system or for options that require most trusted employee status and are used for managing MailMan.

NAME: XMNET DESCRIPTION: If a user does not hold this key, he may not use options that require special privileges for use of network mail. The ability to have and change his forwarding address is controlled by this key.

NAME: XQAL-DELETE DESCRIPTION: This key permits a user to delete alerts associated with another user. This key must be held in order for the user to have this capability.

NAME: XQSMDFM DESCRIPTION: This key is required for use of the XQSMD LIMITED FM option to permit users to build some options based on file manager templates.

NAME: XUAUDITING DESCRIPTION: This key is needed to access the Auditing menu or to run any of the Auditing options.

NAME: XUAUTHOR DESCRIPTION: This key allows the holder to edit all existing help frames, using 'E' when the frame is displayed, as well as allowing the holder to create new frames from within the menu system.

NAME: XUEXKEY DESCRIPTION: Only users with this key 'XUEXKEY' can access option [XUEXKEY].

NAME: XUFILEGRAM DESCRIPTION: This key is needed to access the Filegram menu or to run any of the Filegram options except the View Filegram option.


NAME: XUMGR DESCRIPTION: This key is for users who need to act as site management staff. This gives the user access to see information that is normally only available to the user that created it. This is a partial list of its use: 1. It allows its holders to create "Routine"-type Options in the OPTION file with bracket syntax ([UCI]) for UCI-switching. 2. To see the list of all spool file entry's

NAME: XUPROG DESCRIPTION: Assign this lock to all users allowed to go into programmer options from the Menu system.

NAME: XUPROGMODE DESCRIPTION: This key locks out "Global List" and "Programmer Mode"

NAME: XUSCREENMAN DESCRIPTION: This key is needed to access the ScreenMan menu.

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