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TLoginMode Type

The TLoginMode type is used with the Mode property as part of the TVistaLogin class.



   type TLoginMode = (lmAVCodes, lmAppHandle);


The TLoginMode type includes the acceptable values that can be used during Silent Login. If the KernelLogIn property is set to False, then it will be a Silent Login. Thus, one of these mode types has to be set in the TVistaLogin class Mode property. The Broker will use the information to perform a Silent Login.

The following table lists the possible values:

Value -- Meaning

  • lmAVCodes -- Used if the application is passing in the user's Access and Verify codes during Silent Login. For a demonstration using the lmAVCodes, please run the lmAVCodes_Demo.EXE located in the ..\BDK32\Samples\SilentSignOn directory.
  • lmAppHandle -- Used to pass in an application handle rather than a user's Access and Verify codes during Silent Login. It sets the mode to lmAppHandle and the KernelLogIn property to false. Indicates that an application handle is being passed to the application when it was being started as opposed to Access and Verify codes. For a demonstration using the lmAppHandle, please run the lmAppHandle_Demo.EXE located in the ..\BDK32\Samples\SilentSignOn directory.