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ListenerPort Property


Applies to

   TRPCBroker component


   property ListenerPort: Integer;


The ListenerPort design-time property gives the developer the ability to select the Listener port on the VistA M Server. It must always be set before connecting to the server.

If one VistA M Server system has two or more environments (UCIs) that support client/server applications (e.g., Test and Production accounts), the Broker Listener processes must be listening on unique ports. Thus, you must specify which Listener port to use when you start the Listener on the VistA M Server. Consequently, if you have more than one Listener running on the same server, the application needs to specify the correct Listener for its connection request. This is accomplished using the ListenerPort property.

After the initial connection, the VistA M Server connection is moved to another port number (i.e., Socket), which is used for the remainder of the session.

You can use the Broker Programmer Preferences Editor (BrokerProgPref.EXE located under the ..\BDK32 directory) to set the default value for this property when you add a TRPCBroker component to your form.

For a demonstration, please run the BrokerProgPref.EXE located in the ..\BDK32 directory.