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ClearParameters Property


Applies to

   TRPCBroker component


property ClearParameters: Boolean;


The ClearParameters design-time property gives the developer the option to clear the Param property following every invocation of the Call, strCall, or the lstCall methods. Setting ClearParameters to True clears the Param property.

Simple assignment of True to this property clears the Param property after every invocation of the Call, strCall, and lstCall methods. Thus, the parameters need only be prepared for the next call without being concerned about what was remaining from the previous call. By setting ClearParameters to False, the programmer can make multiple calls with the same Param property. It is also appropriate to set this property to False when a majority of the parameters in the Param property should remain the same between calls. However, minor changes to the parameters can still be made.

You can use the Broker Programmer Preferences Editor (BrokerProgPref.EXE located under the ..\BDK32 directory) to set the default value for this property when you add a TRPCBroker component to your form.

NOTE: For a demonstration, please run the BrokerProgPref.EXE located in the ..\BDK32 directory.