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RPCBCreateContext Function


This procedure calls the TRPCBroker component's CreateContext method to set up the environment on the VistA M Server for subsequent RPCs.


   Delphi -- function RPCBCreateContext(const RPCBroker: TRPCBroker; const Context: PChar): boolean;
   C -- bool (__stdcall *RPCBCreateContext) (void *, char *);
   C++ -- bool RPCBCreateContext ( char * s);
   VB -- Function RPCBCreateContext (ByVal intRPCBHandle As Long, ByVal strContext As String) As Integer

Return Value

   True/1 if context could be created; false/0 if context could not be created.

Parameter Description

   RPCBroker Handle of the TRPCBroker component.

Context Null-terminated string identifying the option on the VistA M Server for which subsequent RPCs are registered.