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PageFive Created Wednesday 22 October 2008

10. Change your mumps.gld file to point along the right path to your mumps.dat file. Even though the mumps.gld file is largely unreadable, if you cat it you will be able to read the path it is using in text. For starters, it will almost certainly be pointed at the wrong file. Use the global directory editor to make the change. Typing GDE should start up the editor if you have the environment set up with env2. Change the part after -file= to match your environment. If you don't do it in a sensible fashion, when you type exit, GDE will tell you you goofed! If you cut and paste this line in, use right-click-copy and right-click-paste; don't use control characters.

When you start, it should look something like this:

vista@computer:~$ cat /home/vista/EHR/g/mumps.gld       

EFAULT���dd��DEFAULT�/home/nancy/EHR/g/mumps.dat	� N�GTCGBDUNX005D����,

Here is what you enter:

   change -segment DEFAULT -file=/home/vista/EHR/g/mumps.dat

This is what it looks like:

vista@computer:~$ GDE
%GDE-I-LOADGD, Loading Global Directory file
%GDE-I-VERIFY, [[Verification~|Verification]] OK

GDE> change -segment DEFAULT -file=/home/vista/EHR/mumps.dat
GDE> exit
%GDE-I-VERIFY, [[Verification~|Verification]] OK

%GDE-I-GDUPDATE, Updating Global Directory file

Now check to be sure it worked:

~/EHR$ cat /home/vista/EHR/g/mumps.gld

LT�/home/vista/EHR/g/mumps.dat� N�I.DAT002BG0031000011003128001000310000000100

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