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Created Wednesday 22 October 2008

5.Read the README file to get the password, then unzip the zip file. Copy the WVEHR-VOE1.0-GTM-Routines.tgz, the env2 file and the WVEHR-gui file into the EHR subdirectory. Unpack the routines file and that will create the r directory loaded with routines. (For the Linux administrator's information, in the routines file there are over 20,000 routines, so when you compress them you really must do the directory or the argument list is too long.)

cat WV-VOE-1-0-README.txt <== locate the password, highlight it, right-click-copy

unzip WVEHR-VOE1.0MumpsAndRoutinesForGTMLinux.ZIP <== right-click-paste

cp WVEHR-VOE1.0-GTM-Routines.tgz EHR/

cp env2 EHR/

cp WVEHR-gui EHR/

cd EHR/

tar -xzvf WVEHR-VOE1.0-GTM-Routines.tgz

6.Copy WVEHR-VOE1.0-mumps.tgz to the g directory and extract it. It decompresses into mumps.dat and mumps.gld. The mumps.dat is a large file so this may take some time to decompress.

Still in the /home/vista/EHR subdirectory:

cp ../WVEHR-VOE1.0-mumps.tgz ./g

cd g

tar -xzvf WVEHR-VOE1.0-mumps.tgz

7. Now you will need to change the owner and group of all of these files to vista.

sudo chown -R vista:vista * <== enter vista's login password

ls -liah <== just checking: everything should now belong to vista vista

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