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So I see that a Discharge Summary document title exists in Notes but if created and signed it does not appear in the D/C Summary tab. I conjecture that this is because D/C Summary tab the patient has to be admitted whereas in Notes they do not.

Further, I see four titles in D/C Summary-->New Discharge Summary-->Discharge Summary Properties as follows:


I am not sure why these four seemingly equivalent titles exist. Does anyone know why there are four titles?

I see potential for confusion and misplaced data with some physicians creating the discharge summary in notes and not in D/C Summary and vice-versa.

How do most handle this in a mixed inpatient/outpatient setting? Is this simply an issue of training? There are definitely inpatient and outpatient instances where there needs to exist both workflows. Further there are physicians who work inpatient/outpatient in the same day.

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