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Hi all,

The elements are there for the complete Admissions workflow: the doctor's assessment, nursing assessment, AIMS, pain assessments are defined and being used, I have ICHS Admissions setup as a clinic, we are scheduling patients for it.

Next is getting the system to accomodate and coordinate the whole enchilada admissions workflow which consists of the following tabular data with my comments. Overall what I'm wondering is are there a preferred or official ways of recording and displaying the following all of which is done by several people in Admissions:

Time of Arrival--Seems like this is covered by check-in.

Patient name--Done at registration.

Coordinator--How does one set who this is for this potential (they may not be admitted) appointment/Admission? The person that does this are the Clerk type id's but needs to be easily known by the clinicians who the coordinator is so that they can, um, coordinate.

Age/sex--Done at registration or already in system.

Mode of transportation--How they arrived to this admission, car, boat, plane, llama. Is this already in system for a particular appointment/admission? We could possibly do this with a note.

Type of insurance--aka insurance company name Aetna, etc. Where does this exist in VistA per patient? I do not see it in the Patient file fields. Also, can this be defined as a Patient Data (Object) selectable deal for inclusion in documents?

Psych/ or CD--This is whether they are regular psychiatry or chemical dependency only bound. Can possibly be done with a note.

Primary Physician--How do the intake coordinators designate who this is in system?

Room number/report given to unit--I see this exists in the patient file. How/where do intake coordinators set this, how do practitioners see this (I assume once it is set it displays in CPRS)? Kevin Toppenberg's menu map http://www.geocities.com/kdtop3/VistaMasterMenus.html shows many possibilities for setting rooms, which one is the preferred way?

RN/ Time--Time the RN finished workup.

MD/ Time--Time the MD finished workup.

Time of Departure--I presume check out will set this. How to query this?

Disposition--Choices are Admitted/Partial/Intensive OP/OP follow up/Refused/Left without notice/Left AMA. How might this be handled?

Signed-in--Y or N

Insurance verified--Y or N

Pre-cert--Number of days pre-certified or nothing.

Memorandom of Transfer Patient--Y or N

Emergency Detention Warrant--Y or N

Ignacio Valdes

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